The entity known as Heart & Stone was originally formed by singer, songwriter and driving force, Tony Anton in the fall of 1989. During the next seven years, Heart & Stone performed relentlessly both as opening acts and Headliners to thousands of faithful fans. The energy and experience cultivated during this time was captured on the groups first CD entitled "Eternity". Eternity was well received by radio stations both in Canada and Europe. The video for the song "Ocean Blue" was also put into rotation by Much Music.

At the time of eternity's release there was varying interest from a number of major labels but it was concluded that the timing for this product was not right and although there was resounding positive response with regards to the material, a formal deal was not struck.

Two years later and with a new guitarist in the fold, Heart & Stone recorded the follow-up to Eternity, "Legacy of Stone", only to find themselves going through "déjà vu" all over again. The release of Legacy of Stone produced an almost carbon copy of the events that had unfolded with Eternity. Although in excess of 20,000 copies of the two CD's were sold as an independent, the inability & disappointment of being unable to "breakthrough" lead to be the demise of the original line up.

Undaunted and propelled by his strong convictions and Undying belief in his music, original member, singer and songwriter, Tony Anton has assembled a new line up of signature players and the millennium rendition of Heart & Stone has recorded a new CD entitled "Love for Rock & Roll". Although the title essentially sums up the CD, the songs from top to bottom reflect the passion embodied in the classic albums and true spirit of the legendary groups that have paved the path of rock & roll, with gold.

Tony Anton